Discover a faster and easier path to dramatically better results.

Change and growth don’t have to be so hard. So, stop putting it off.

We work with CEO’s, management teams, ownership groups, and families that own businesses to take the confusion and struggle out of growth, change, and transitions so you can successfully navigate toward a new level of performance.  Results Management Group is a high-touch catalyst for effectiveness, collaboration, and fast value creation. 

Whether you are managing growth, setting up a new executive team of board, navigating a challenge, planning to sell, or passing the company to the next generation of leaders, our work has a profound impact on the way people think, organize, collaborate and get results. We will meet you exactly where you are to jointly determining the right path for igniting your company.

Whether you are experiencing a most difficult challenge or most exciting opportunity, together we will create:


Focus on bold and compelling visions and strategies;

Alignment of highly effective management teams and all employees with strategic initiatives, corporate objectives, and team and individual goals;

Execution management competency that ensures follow-through, accountability, transparency, and collaborative engagement; and

Results that represent a significant break from the past and that become increasingly more predictable over time.

We apply a multitude of proven and customized processes, provocative inquiry, catalyzing facilitation, strategic, organizational consulting, and results-focused executive coaching. We are experts at guiding clients to expand vision, clarity, commitment, accountability and to create the effectiveness required to immediately shift the top line, bottom-line, engagement and enterprise value. Call (305) 704-8990 now for a consultation.

Results and Testimonials

…I took a risk and used some of his “stuff” right away…my largest client…agreed to everything… Mark Menarik, CEO, Tancher

6 Critical Questions for the CEO:

Is the company consistently meeting or exceeding its objectives?

Is the executive team effective at resolving conflict, making decisions, follow-through and getting the results it promises?

Are the vision and strategy bold, compelling and well understood by all employees?

Are individual and team goals understood by all and tied to strategic initiatives?

Is there a system in place to manage execution, alignment and accountability at an individual and team level?

Is the corporate culture well distinguished by the executive team and sufficient to deliver the results you will seek next year?

Ready to consider doing something about it? Call (305) 704-8990 or send us a note and we will call you to help you determine your next steps .

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