I’m able so say things to you, like my dreams and aspirations, that are extremely vulnerable and know that I’ll be received and appreciated.


I experience you as an unfolding and I’m wanting a closeness with you, and wanting more of you and from you and at the same time I have some fear too, as your voice is so deep, assured, powerful and direct.


You are very aware of people’s wounds and you really care; I felt understood. You are always a stand for encouraging depth, a container for caring. You really want to connect. You are honoring a deeper part of me than I was honoring in myself.


Mastery, I see an artist in you, speaking with you and the way you showed up felt like a work of art.Being in the re alm of your energy and your field, it is like you are a teacher plant — it’s like going on a journey with your essence. You create a level of intensity that is so powerful and empowering.


I gave my power away about 10 years ago. I know when I decided to suppress this part of me because I was being vengeful and competitive, and it was creating conflict in my life. I realize now that I don’t want to be timid anymore because it makes me loose the connection to my influence. I realize that I don’t have to suppress that anymore. I like having my power back. Now I feel like I want access to my power and my ability to stand up for myself. I feel alert and a confidence and connection to my ability to effect other people and protect myself.


You are a psycho spiritual shamanic cultivator of people and companies. Navigating the subtitles and nuanced depths of the psycho spiritual terrain and the inner wilderness. So generous, you just give so much without trying.


When you speak, I can feel, in my belly and my edges of what I want to be and ,the opportunity to expand.


You are a bridge between the spiritual divine and the grounded present moment.


Who I’m being, right now, is who I am. I’m finding my own expectations of how I am supposed to be. It is so silly. I’m empty and feeling bubbly.


I’ve been suffering from anxiety and pain from my face, my neck, my chest, and down to my legs. In our first session, I finally found that person to take care of me; it’s me. I lost my power when I was 9 years old; my father was brutal then and he beat me. Until our session, Matthew I had never felt this kind of power before. I finally felt something for myself, that I can take care of myself. I found self-worth, man. It’s a space of nothingness with sparkles and one sparkle can blow up the whole planet. I never felt like that before…never got to that place. Thank you for your help. It is just such a delicate energetic thing that is so important. I feel good, Matthew. Thank you for helping me go there. These past few days I have been feeling my feelings with less the anxiety. I’ve been setting and holding boundaries and people are responding to me differently. This is awesome.


I’ve never been so happy and I never thought I could ever be this happy.


I experience you as a very evolved sole. The power and frequency that I have experienced aha moments with you is discombobulating to be honest. You bring up stuff for me that not everyone does. I’m glad for that. It is rare. I think you are incredibly special…I’m pulled toward you. You give me something so easily; I want more of it from you because I feel it is rare.


I’m a psychologist, but I don’t trust psychologists. I trust you.


Welcoming, expansive and expanding. Masterfulness, slow regulating awareness, welcoming, recognition, whole plane is so open and so inclusive, otherworldly. —


I just got the dream job and plenty of money. All I have to do is negotiate what projects I do once I get going.


When I hear your voice, I feel love flow over me.


You are extremely empathetic and compassionate. I’m so impressed with your presence. Even when you are not speaking, I can feel your presence. You see things with such clarity and you have an ability to offer suggestions in a way that doesn’t bring up defensiveness. You have a natural linguist ability and you are able to focus in on a sentence and make it so much better with such kindness. You are so respectful.


I was nervous at first. I couldn’t imagine how you were going to help me have an experience of my feelings. I imagined myself as a baby in the womb. I was able to touch him and caress his skin and I know what he is feeling without words. You made me feel very comfortable, like you and I have a special connection. That was the best session I ever had. Thank you.


I learned to release the concept of right and wrong in a way that allowed me to face my shame that came along with that and share that freedom with courage…  The experience with Matthew is life-changing.


If you would have told me I could I could be this happy, I wouldn’t have believed you.


I got my power back.


I’m in Awe…I want you to know the impact, that feels like a gift, that you had on me. It means so much to be witnessed by you. The depth of feeling I had yesterday, I really needed that. You feel really spacious to me and like a space that I can drop into and access more open spacious place of connection — gooey like taffy, deep, expansive and so rich. Feeling gratitude today for your opening and sharing yourself with me. Into a rich, deep, spacious pool of human connection, openness and sadness. A sacred and strong, infinite plane of existence… beyond words. So many moments of being seen and sharing this deeply open resonant place as if it was water that I so desperately needed. I had no idea that I could meet someone and surrender into that space of everything and nothing, oneness, with no walls between pain and joy, no walls in me or in you and there can be eternal growth. I never knew that that level of connection was possible.


You make me feel safe, it’s essential for knowing myself better. Other people ask too many questions and don’t give needed time. You provide a spaciousness and are there, listening, so well that you ask the right questions at the right moment and you give enough space. Connection to deep hidden thoughts and emotions becomes easier. It’s just who you are that allows me to go deeper, faster and safely, with you. You have a tone of voice that is soothing as well. It helps me go beyond gender, be at ease with a male guide/coach. Thanks to you I was able to feel more, be in my body and go deep inside to release. I sensed your supporting presence during the whole process. and in the end, I felt confidence growing, recognized my gifts. This wild part that was never accepted by my family, society. It used to be so painful. Now I can be wild. You gave me an open door to my own world, right to the places I was afraid to go alone. That’s a wonderful gift. A friend I see only once in a while told me yesterday that she can see I was more confident and centered. You opened the door, I do the job, and that’s a gift.


The Deep Work sm

“Become the person that you never thought you could become, by meeting the person you really are, and learn that that is what you have always been” — Matthew Levy.

Awakening to being our true selves, deep contentment and joy, calm, filling holes that seemed unfillable, releasing that which is not useful, rediscovering self-love and connection with ourselves and others are all common outcomes from doing The Deep Work sm.

Compassion – Discovery – Enlightenment – Love sm

Matthew Levy Results Management Group Executive Coach deepwork deep work coach Family businessMatthew is expansive, deep, empathetic, intuitive, and connected. He creates a magical and safe container in which to do the deepest of deep psycho-spiritual work, exploring the inner and the transpersonal realms in collaboration and with grace. He exudes a profound understanding, a gentile softness, and a wise confident power that inspires others to find, explore, and release that which they have never been able to reach before.

His ability to go into the most tender and vulnerable places in himself and collaboratively, with clients, is uncanny. Watching him improvise and co-create in the moment, with one client or a room full, is like watching a creative master in his studio – all of us pieces of the art, and the artists at the same time. Once clients learn to navigate the inner space of and beyond the mind, and explore the universal connection, self-knowing and confidence soars, relationship space expands and deepens and self-mastery reveals itself from within, making advice-seeking obsolete and replaced with a craving for self-knowing and exploration of the other.

Matthew works with individuals, couples, families, and teams to find and share: peace, harmony, flowing communication, passionate creativity, collaboration, and love.

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    Find and release:

    • Old Patterns
    • Attachment Wounds
    • Trauma
    • Shame
    • Anxiety
    • Anger
    • Fear
    • Loss and Greif
    • Need
    • Confusion
    • The fallacy of Worthlessness/Unworthiness


    • Self-Love
    • Peace
    • Equanimity
    • Feelings
    • Power
    • Boundaries
    • Creativity
    • Intuition
    • Self-Knowing
    • Trust
    • Bliss
    • Romance
    • Family
    • Career
    • Money
    • Confidence
    • Clarity
    • Focus
    • Vision
    • Purpose
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    Disclaimer: Matthew Levy has more than 20 years of experience as a professional and psychospiritual coach with more years of deep spiritual and enlightenment practices.  He and Results Management Group, LLC via deepwork.coach and otherwise do not offer psychotherapy or mental health counseling.  Diagnosable mental health or other health-related conditions should be referred to a healthcare professional.