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Executive Team Alignment

“An aligned and effective executive team is the foundation for planning and leading any growth or change initiative and for managing execution effectively. This process is the fastest way to achieve that alignment.”  — Matthew Levy, Chief Catalyst

“We are functioning at the highest level the firm has ever functioned at.” – Jed Grennan, CEO, Managing Partner

“The experience was life changing” — Geoff Gallo, Vice President

“Doing this process was the most important decision we have made. It completely transformed the leadership team” — Chris Grim, CFO

“The end result is a new culture for the executive team with more delegation of control for greater impact and success.” — Richard Kincaid, COO, Vertical Computer Systems

“Our work together galvanized the executive team around a common mission, clarified our vision and created a sense of urgency around key priorities…I grew as a manager and learned to see myself and my work in a new light.” — Rob Becerra, General Manager, Kaplan Virtual Education, subsidiary of the Washington Post Save

“The strategy sessions with the leadership team helped us develop our vision for the company…You helped us say things that needed to be said and you helped us address the situation in a safe, respectful and appropriate way. The planning we did on strategic initiatives was great.” – Stephanie Chloe Bedenbaugh, Director of Human Capital, Prizim Inc.

Executive Team Alignment is the foundation for effectively leading growth and change of any sort and you will find that the process is the quickest way to create a strong foundation for managing strategy execution

The specific designed benefits of our executive team alignment process:

  • A clearly articulated vision and strategy for dramatically improving results
  • Team members who understand the vision and are committed to fulfilling it
  • Specific goals that define winning and that everyone on the executive team is committed to
  • A truly aligned executive team that is able to drive the organization to success as a united team as never before
  • Role clarity for each executive that is most appropriate and takes advantage of their unique value proposition
  • Distinguishing the culture of the executive team and the company, appreciation how the culture was created and defining specifically designed modification to the corporate culture that serve the vision and strategy
  • Straight, honest and specific feedback from the consultant and other members of the executive team in a safe and supportive environment that has executives 1) know themselves better than they have ever know themselves and 2) feel more appreciated than they ever felt at work.
  • All executives experiencing their own next level of leadership.
  • Clear accountability for functions and results
  • Role clarity for executive team members and often adjustments that make roles better suited to the individuals and the company
  • Resolution of issues, faster decision-making and better follow-through and accountability
  • Real teamwork among executives and employees, including the support to help others achieve success
  • New tools and strategies for resolving the critical issues that leaders and team members have been unable to address.
  • Setting up to empowering next level leaders to effectively lead operations.
  • Contagious excitement and inspiration as well as a willingness to be accountable for achieving agreed-upon results

Without such alignment, the executive team can waste hours in indecision and debate – time that could be better spent implementing growth strategies, delighting customers, or creating the next big thing.

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