RESULTS MANAGEMENT GROUP, LLC is a growth management consulting and executive coaching firm that dramatically shifts business results by: facilitating the creation of bold and compelling visions, aligning executive and other management teams with strategies and plans, developing an organizational capacity to manage execution, and designing organizational culture that support the attainment of breakthrough results.


Any company can create breakthrough results when its people are focused, committed, aligned, in action, empowered, and effectively collaborating.


    • Dramatically improve results: productivity, revenue, profit – any significant measure.
    • Turn around difficult situations and get companies back on track.


    • Expand management’s and the entire company’s vision of the company’s future and their commitment to breakthrough results
    • Create organizational and other structures that ensure success.
    • Design and build environments that support passion, collaboration, innovation and effectiveness.
    • Align individual responsibilities and goals and create teams with common objectives across levels and departments.
    • Transform relationships with boards, employees, clients, partners, and suppliers
    • Coach leaders to resolve conflict, make decision, mobilize people and be extremely effective


We work with executive teams, entire organizations, other management and project teams, and employees at all levels that are committed to excellence and willing to do what it takes to reach a new level of results. Clients include: Fortune 500, global enterprises, Inc 5000, and family businesses in various industries, including: healthcare, software, financial and other professional services, manufacturing, technology, mining, oil and gas, government, not-for-profit, and many others.


  • Our clients create expanded vision, clarity, commitment, and accountability; alignment between vision, strategy, plans, objectives, culture, actions, and communication to create tremendous power for effective execution.
  • They address critical communication issues, developing and aligning senior leaders, managing breakthrough project teams.
  • They create environments that support and sustain heightened level of performance through specific management practices and a culture of execution.
  • They attain specific and dramatically different business results that were not achievable before.


RESULTS! We confidently make bold promises to our clients and we can be counted on to deliver unprecedented results.  Our unique style of strategic and management consulting and catalyzing facilitation and coaching have a profound impact on how companies are built, how work gets done, and the results that are achieved in all areas of business.


We are experts at guiding clients to expand vision and achieve the clarity, commitment, accountability and effectiveness required to create truly extraordinary business results in any area.

Our seasoned consultants are rare in the industry in that we blend basic business strategy and operational acumen with the skill and grace required to resolve conflict, develop leaders and catalyze positive change.  We take a bold stand for what is possible for people and organizations and we go to the core of the problem, unleash passion.  We bring astonishing focus and a commitment to your success, the skills to transform difficult situations and ability to guide companies to results that go way beyond their norm.  We give people the support and freedom to commit, align, and contribute at a level that was not before obtainable. As experts in guiding people to what it takes to succeed, we accompany our clients every step of the way, from vision to execution and extraordinary results (sm).

Our unique style of management consulting and coaching will have a profound impact on how your people work in all areas of business.

Our Visioning and Executive Team Alignment Processes, Execution Management Processes, and unique Co-Acceleration (sm)* methodology for the Collaborative Acceleration of business results (sm) will have a profound impact on how you manage growth and change to enhance revenue, profit and enterprise value.

Call (305) 704-8990, now, for a free consultation and what dramatically different results would look like for your company.