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Results Management Group has a successful record of working with owners and executive teams 1-3 years before sale. We refocus the executives and the entire company on growth to prepare for the big day and to ensure it is a much BIGGER day, at that. How do we do it?

  1. Recreating and clarifying a much more bold and compelling vision that focuses, inspires and engages
  2. Refocusing the company on strategic initiatives that support growth
  3. Building executive teams that are capable of taking on strategy and operations so that the owner can focus on leading and guiding or whatever s/he does best vs. being stuck in the day to day
  4. Guiding management teams to focus, align, work through interpersonal, strategic and business challenges so they can manage for the desired growth and also pass due diligence
  5. Improving engagement, ambition and ability to achieve growth objectives
  6. Formalizing internal structure process and organization to enhance effectiveness and stability that supports growth
  7. Putting management process, systems and culture in place that supports effective management of execution and a higher level of performance.


Do you want to sell the company, but you or the company is not quite ready?

Many owners would like to make an exit, but it isn’t time to sell yet. Owners can find themselves in several situations. Do any of these sound like yours?

  • You want to give it one last effort to grow the company and increase the sale price?
  • Your banker told you the company isn’t ready?
  • You haven’t quite created the company you dreamed of and it would feel like failure if you sold now?
  • You are too much a part of the business for it to be sold and run well without you and you don’t want a long tail on the sale price or the value is diminished.
  • The market isn’t offering you the price you want?

Private Equity Firms

You bought the company so now it is time to unlock growth. Maybe you know exactly what the company needs to do and maybe you don’t. Is the management team committed to the same vision, strategy and plan of action that you are?

Do you don’t want to deal with the interpersonal issues related to aligning management teams around vision, strategy, and objectives and managing execution effectively?

Are you really the one to ensure that everyone is in the right role, aligning skills, passion and responsibilities?

Sure, you can tell them what to do and if they don’t do it you can fire them, but that is expensive and has lots of hidden costs.

This time, bring in a partner that is expert in aligning management teams with vision, strategy and plans and setting them up to be highly effective teams that can manage execution to get better and more predictable results.

Bankers and Advisors

You’d love to help them sell, but there are some things for them to do first.

If you are an investment banker, M&A or other transaction advisor, you speak with a lot of owners that want to sell but you know they aren’t ready and won’t be for a couple of years. So what do you do with them?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get them exactly the help they need, so more of them do what they need to do, faster, and then come to you when they are ready to sell? Would you like to have a partner to help you build the relationship with them, keep them tightly in your sales funnel so a much higher percentage of them back to you when they are ready?

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