VCOur executive team had multi-level organizational and communication issues…weekly meetings were a power struggle…hindering our ability to define success let alone attain it. Personally, my fear of failure produced anxiety that reduced my effectiveness in communication. The anxiety produced a need for greater control. This further polarized positions and caused a dangerous and self-perpetuating cycle to occur. I now monitor myself so as not to allow my emotions to lead and I can more objectively focus on organizational objectives, directing the best resources to attain the desired results. …we learned how to define success, recognize each others strengths and styles, allowing each to perform within their area of strength, gaining velocity in goal attainment. The end result is a new culture for the executive team with more delegation of control for greater impact and success. As a company, we improved communications, which consummated in a discovery and realignment of staff within their areas of passion…the excitement of the staff is clearly evident…  — Richard Kincaid, COO, Vertical Computer Systems

KVEOur work together galvanized the executive team around a common mission, clarified our vision and created a sense of urgency around key priorities. You did a great job. Personally, I grew as a manager and learned to see myself and my work in a new light. You gave me great advice and helped me to work through my challenges. I would definitely recommend you. Thanks again for your guidance, coaching and confidentiality. — Rob Becerra, General Manager, Private Schools, Kaplan Virtual Education

AAcosta was caught in an on-going “tug of war” between delivering financial results and outstanding client services. Not surprisingly, this was a highly emotional issue with people in both camps. You provided a framework to address this issue in a productive and constructive manner that helped defuse many of the emotions involved. In the end, my company had a clearer set of priorities and much better focus…it was helpful to expand my thinking to consider “what success is” and how to measure it. I am also identifying and addressing inconsistencies in our business and our commitments to clients and discussing the list of issues with others to make the list as comprehensive as possible and then take action on it… Thanks for leading us down this path. — Ned Peverley, VP, Corporate Strategy, Acosta Sales & Marketing Company

prizimYou were a catalyst for change.  You helped us create the company we wanted and be desirable when we were acquired.   The strategy sessions with the leadership team helped us develop our vision for the company and your conversations with the owner helped him to crystallize an exit strategy that opened up the door for us to sell the company.    You helped us say things that needed to be said and you helped us address the situation in a safe, respectful and appropriate way.   The planning we did on strategic initiatives was great.  — Stephanie Chloe Bedenbaugh, Director of Human Capital, Prizim Inc.

GenWMarket share doubled. I had an across the board 30 % market share, before we began working with Results Management Group. Now it’s 50-82%. You challenged me to focus on purposeful intention in business and life and you helped navigate through milestones and consistent advancements. Your insights and observations were chilling and allowed me to consciously participate in breakthroughs that made our relationship together a real success. — Sunny Kurman, Regional Vice President, GE Financial Services.

Many people listen from their agenda, but you don’t.  You jumped right into my shoes and identified with my situation. You saw it from my perspective and the perspective of the other executives on my team.  You seem to be able to take any situation and figure it out quickly, understanding the perspectives and motivators of all the people involved and you do that even without knowing them. Your deep understanding of what motivates people is impressive.  It is as if you are seeing through me — into, and understanding, the entire company.  That is not a common skill.  You were able to quickly digest what I told you and respond with an accurate analysis of what doesn’t work on the team and in the company.  You are both caring and involved and you are also the best listener I have been involved with.   On the spot, you developed a framework for diagnosing the problems and structuring potential solutions to the company’s dilemma.  You quickly distilled a complicated business into its parts and laid out exactly what needs to be done in a structured and clear way.  Thank you.  — E. Harold Gassenheimer, CFO, CDR Maguire Inc.

I am happy to report that the [offshore] installation was a huge success. We completed the installation safely and ahead of schedule. You have great communication skills and know exactly how to get a message through to people. The superintendent was communicating with his crew in a noticeably different manner than what I am accustomed. He inclusively solicited input from his crew rather than dictating. He also changed his demeanor while talking with them by being more courteous. The response was amazing. The crew was attentive, open and lighter. I welcome your assistance in the future… — Larry Wright, Project Lead, Fortune 500 Oil Company

“There are a lot of useless consultants out there.  But you are different.  With laser sharp insight and incredible speed, you help me identify what was invisible to me and in the way of me getting the results I want.  You give me extremely supportive and, at the same time, brutally honest feedback — cutting through the bullshit, so I can focus on the most critical issues.  You help me prioritize what is most important so I can take action and accomplish what I set out to do.”  — Marty Nemzow, CEO, Network Performance


The conversation about the power of focusing everyone on the common goal, bringing people together to meet this goal, and how to achieve this to the benefit of all involved was very powerful and I brought it back to my company right away. You have an incredible ability to work with diverse groups of people and to bring them together to achieve a common goal… – Patrick Shaughnessy, Manager, TransUnion

RMcNYour program helped me see that, often, I don’t really listen to people, and when I speak, I am not clear about what I want. Before your program, when I was at work, it was like I really wasn’t even there. Now, I catch myself judging people and when I am about to say something I’ll regret, I stop. I really hear what people say to me now and I’m able to respond to people more thoughtfully…Your program was great for teambuilding…I was communicating even more directly and powerfully the very next day and people around me were in action as a result…I’m amazed by my ability to negotiate, stand for what I want, and be powerful without being pushy… — Product Manager, Rand McNally

PSI have never seen a group be so supportive of each other and be so committed when creating action plans – Manager , Prudential Steel

You have provided tremendous value to me and to my organization. I have been able to implement a more effective hiring selection process, with improved criteria. Also, my work with you has opened up new lines of dialogue with my fellow workers and clients as well. As a result, I have already seen positive strides in the relationship and communication within my organization. Furthermore, I have earned new business from clients as a result of this new way of interacting with them. They view me more as a partner, and not as much as a vendor…the work that I have done with you has been so profound, that I have strongly encouraged my network of executives to begin engaging you immediately. My referral and endorsement, is one of the best compliments I can give. I have told others, Simply, “you must act now and call…he will open your mind to many new possibilities that you did not know even existed before!” — Brian Shann on, CEO, Healthcare Finance Partners, LLC

I took a risk and used some of his “stuff” right away…in my very next call to my largest client…The client agreed to everything [a $250k contract]… – Mark Menarik, CEO, TanCher Corporation

havI have gained a significant amount of insight about myself and others…I started using the skills right away and am surprised that I am still to this day referring to them and applying them daily. I was skeptical that I would not retain the information or level of motivation I experienced in the sessions, but I am inspired that I am still using the skills and they have made me more successful… – Amanda Eden-Fox, Promotions Project Manager, Havi Solutions (McDonald’s Happy Meals Worldwide)

The work profoundly shifted my own thinking about my role in the company, how I contributed to the company’s environment and how I could affect the company through my own actions and attitudes. Matthew surprised everyone on our team by his ability to get buy-in from even the most cynical participants. By the end of Day 1, even they were invested in the work. And by the end of Day 2, we were all spending time on the work he laid out for us.– Rochelle Broder-Singer, Managing Editor, SouthFlorida CEO

You skillfully guided me through an analysis and realization of my vision for my company and life work…and gently guided me as I led the company through a process of defining who we were, what we wanted to do, what we expected of each other and how we as a team could do it. We went on to successfully create our largest and most ambitious work to date and the company continues to grow. You said to me that I would mark our first meeting as the start of everything changing — and you were right. Since our meeting, my organization has grown and all involved are working happily together…you are most unique in that your work is focused on the individual people involved, not just the group as a single entity. In a business world that tends to feel ‘heartless,’ You bring the focus back to the individual and his/her heart… — Barry Blumenfeld, Executive Director and Choreographer, Tap Fusion

You helped guide my business partner and I through a maze…we have a much better handle on our business and our core competencies…you made a positive impact on our business… — Robert Lipton, Partner, Idea Crossing, LLC

The process of creating a vision as a team was very helpful. We had all felt that the communication between us was very poor. We all agreed that we needed to become aligned and find a better way of expressing out values in our synagogue. When we actually sat down and put pen to paper, we realized that we had some commonality between us as a team and were able to articulate what was going well and what needed to be changed. The impact was immediate. We are in a better place as colleagues that support each other and in a position to think clearly about our roles. We divided our responsibilities, so that no individual felt that they had to carry the whole load alone. The lasting effect of the meetings was that the clergy realized that, as the spiritual directors of the synagogue, we needed a teammate that could implement all our creative ideas and also tend to all of the issues related to maintenance, finance and quality of life for our members. We hired someone and proved that we can be very productive and united team. — Rabbi Kliel Rose, Temple Emanu-El

Not only was your presence valuable for me personally but as a result of my involvement with you my community has benefited, as well. You pushed me to push myself. Our conversations brought out things in me that I didn’t know I possessed. You gave me the support to actually “do” and not just to imagine change. I am much more conscious of who I want to be, and of how I want to present myself to my community. As a result of my time with you, I am putting things I’ve learned into action in my daily life and understanding that I have the ability to effect change. Thank you — I don’t know how else to express my gratitude to you for all of your amazing help and guidance. You have really touched me in a very holy and special way. I feel very fortunate to know you! — Rabbi Kliel Rose, Temple Emanu-El

Since I have started working with you, I have been able to focus on my work and make more effective progress with my clients. I have also gained insight into how I can accomplish the goals that I so deeply desire. Your style of communication and genuineness has enabled me to open up and express my true feelings and ambitions. You have an ability to recreate people and you actually listen. Plus, you are not judgmental. I feel like you relate to me. I am able to recreate those skills with my clients. I am more “with” my clients, I listen better, and I am less afraid of using my natural skills. Thank you so much for giving me the tools to be more effective … — Jessica Kabat, MSW; Social Worker, Therapist.

I had a breakthrough yesterday…I realized that what you said about me was true…Thank you for being so honest with me…and helping me to learn how to listen to and question my own mind. Bobbi Hauser, CEO, Creative Image Interiors and Life/Styled Homes

I feel like I’m slowly walking the tightrope without a net…I am excited…It is OK if things don’t happen; you have to just keep moving. I am getting more comfortable with my power. The more I am committed to it, the more things keep coming to me…O my god, [Live Out Loud] is going to change lives. It has already changed lives. It is going to change the face of history — not only for gay youth, but also for straight youth. Empowerment, energy, and freedom to ignite others to see the potential of the business… — Leo Preziosi, Jr., Executive Director, Live Out Loud