Strategy Execution Management & Culture Shift

“Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.” — Morris Chang, CEO, TSMC

“Vision without execution is hallucination.” — Thomas Edison

What is Strategy Execution Management?

Strategy Execution Management is the effective creation, deployment and accomplishment of strategic initiatives. Most companies don’t have Execution Management processes or systems in place and most companies don’t manage execution well.

Strategy Execution Graphic

If you are not consistently achieving your objectives, instilling a formal execution management methodology will serve you immediately.

Effective Execution Management allows companies to create the organizational competency of aligning the entire company with a clear coherent vision, designed culture, strategy, plans and objectives and managing execution at a team and individual level to achieve specific measurable results more predictably over time.

If creating alignment from top to bottom and an developing an organizational capacity to manage execution isn’t a critical strategic initiative, it should be.


  • Would you like the company to hit its numbers more consistently and have results be increasingly more predictable?
  • Do you want to know at every moment,which individuals and teams are on track to meet their objectives and which are not?
  • Would you like to be confident in the company’s ability to execute the strategy and achieve critical objectives month to month and for the year?
  • Do you want assurance that all employees understand the strategy and their specific part in it?
  • Would you like all employees understand and be committed to specific goals that are linked to strategic initiatives and for which successful accomplishment will ensure achieving the top level success metrics?
  • Do you want to know managers are providing frequent feedback and coaching employees so results improve and become increasingly predictable?
  • Would you like more accountability and follow-through?

What could you achieve if your company instituted an execution management methodology so completely that it was completely ingrained in the company’s culture and results got better and more predictable over time?

Stated plainly and simply: Is your company getting the results you desire?

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Developing a Strategy Execution Management capability creates:

  1. Alignment: Clarity, Commitment, and Accountability, and Engagement
  2. Management/leadership: structure, processes, and practices and ensure feedback, coaching, and follow through.
  3. Transparency: Actionable intelligence on all initiatives, all employees and all teams
  4. Communication: a feedback rich culture and frequent coaching for all individuals and teams
  5. Results that are dramatically better and increasingly predictable

Execution Management Is about:

  • Being able to direct and redirect a responsive aligned organization
  • Every employee having specific goals that are aligned with strategic initiatives
  • Creating an organizational competency to clarify, deploy and accomplish corporate initiatives and
  • Having a results-focussed culture of transparency, accountability, and follow-through that is feedback and coaching rich.
  • Hitting the numbers more effectively right away and more predictably over time.

How well the company does this determines how successful it is. Most companies do not do it well and all can do it better.

Solution: A Complete Execution Management Methodology

Using a combination of management structures and practices, facilitated management sessions, executive coaching and consulting, Results Management Group guides clients to effectively manage execution in a way that aligns everything from vision, strategic initiatives, specific desired behaviors that represent critical a shift in culture, roles and individual and team goals. It allows managers and employees to track progress. It also facilitates management process and practices and ensures alignment through monthly and spontaneous meetings for feedback, coaching, negotiating priorities and resources. It provides transparency through online reporting and dashboards.

  • Ability to manage execution at a team and an individual level
  • Actionable Intelligence: Online access to individual and team progress for full transparency
  • Alignment of strategy, critical initiatives, goals and responsibilities: Individual and team goals are linked to critical strategic initiatives. Employees commit to performance agreements so expectations are clear.
  • Engagement: Communication, Feedback and coaching on a regular and frequent basis.
Conversations Create a Performance Culture

Necessary conversations happen to ensure clarity of expectations, resources, maintain relationships, move projects and critical initiatives forward and more. Critical conversation between managers and employees are frequent and scheduled to identify problems, provide resources, ensure focus, collaboration and success and do this on a regular and consistent basis.

Clients say they love it because it forces clarity of vision, strategy, goals and expectations and it is empowering. Everybody knows exactly which goals are being met and which are not, which employees are fulfilling expectations and which are exhibiting behaviors that are consistent with the new designed aspects of culture and which are not. All managers provide feedback and coaching. And so much more.

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