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Results Management Group is a catalyst to align companies from top to bottom and shift business environments to meet a new level of revenue, profit, productivity, and value to stakeholders. We are known for guiding management teams to create and align with bold and compelling strategies and visions for the future; fostering a capacity to manage execution in times of dramatic growth and change and growth;getting companies back on track, and bringing up next-level leaders to take-on their own next level of leadership. Our executive team alignment, execution management consulting, organizational development, executive coaching and project based leadership development, and workforce mobilization programs have a profound impact on how people work individually and with teams to transform companies and produce unprecedented business results.

Executive Team Alignment

To reach new goals, an executive team needs top-level managers who are fully behind the corporate vision and also fully committed and ready to lead the company toward it.

The purpose of the Executive Team Alignment Process is to create an executive team that is committed to a bold and compelling vision and is prepared to lead the organization to a new level of operational effectiveness, accomplishment, and profitability.Without this alignment, the executive team can waste hours in indecision and debate – time that could have been spent on implementing growth strategies, delighting customers, or creating the next big thing.

Executive Team Alignment is the foundation for effectively leading growth and change of any sort and you will find that the executive team alignment process is the quickest way to create a foundation for creating a discipline of execution.  Specific benefits of our team alignment process include:

  • A clearly articulated vision and broad strategy for drastically improving results
  • A truly aligned executive team that is able to drive the organization to success
  • Team members who understand the vision and are committed to fulfilling it
  • Clear accountability for functions and results
  • Resolution of issues, faster decision making and follow-through
  • Real teamwork among executives and employees, including the support to help others achieve success
  • New tools and strategies for resolving the critical issues that leaders and team members have been unable to address
  • Contagious excitement and inspiration as well as a willingness to be accountable for achieving agreed-upon results

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Strategy Execution Management

Developing an Organizational Competency to Effectively Manage Execution is accomplished through a combination of management structures and practices and supported by execution management software (if desired). Execution Management creates more opportunities for leadership; alignment; feedback; coaching; and negotiating expectations, priorities, and resources.  Frequent progress meetings create a culture of accountability support follow through, dependability, predictability and get the promised results more frequently and effectively. Regular conversations will occur about specific behavioral shifts that will represent a constantly improving discipline of execution.  On-demand reporting ensures transparency about progress on projects and goals and insight into every team’s and every employee’s performance.  All of this ensure that everyone is having the critical conversations that will keep an organization aligned and operating increasingly more effectively over time – a learning organization that is constantly improving its ability to execute.

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Organizational Alignment

Having a clear vision is like defining the destination. Strategy is what it will take to get there.  Executive team alignment prepares the team for the journey.  Organizational alignment is about everyone in the company understanding the vision, strategy, organizational changes and specific behaviors that are expected to support the change. It is about defining departmental structure, cross-functional teams, and individual contribution.  Roles, responsibilities and goals are defined and measurable and are clearly linked to critical strategic initiatives.

Family Business: Management, Governance Transitions, Conflict Resolution

Succeeding in, and for us, consulting to a family business requires an extra level of finesse and understanding of strategic, organizational and family dynamics. We help family business participants understand and manage the distinct, but too often confused, roles of owner, employee and family member and to let go of deeply ingrained and familiar habits.  This way families can better manage the long game and the near term activities and tackle growth and change, budgets, major decisions, succession planning, equity, salary, non-performance, and legacy issues.

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Executive Coaching and Project/Results Based Leadership  Development

Executive Coaching and Project/Results Based Leadership Development (incorporating elements of  action learning, adaptive leadership, authentic leadership and other methodologies) is well suited for senior executives, next level leaders, and other organizational leaders that are responsible for critical projects or looking for direct coaching to support them in creating specific results that far exceed what they were capable of before. It is designed to provide a strategic partnership for insight based learning and profound introspection to support a higher level of operation and communication that will forever alter how participants create results individually and with teams.

The program has three major components: transforming the attitudes and beliefs that have impeded your performance in the past, developing the communication skills of effective leadership, and managing activities for specific results. Participants more effectively create and manage projects, teams and are coached to produce the specific measurable results that they are accountable for.

Benefits Include:

  • Leaders that can be counted on as people that are leading, creating a new future through projects that are aligned with corporate objectives
  • Effectively lead and engage others
  • Identifying and transforming issues that limit performance
  • Creating specific results that participants are committed to producing.
  • Creating structures and practices that support in managing for specific results
  • Being responsible for what isn’t working and shift it
  • Adapting and adopting values and beliefs that support effectiveness
  • Resolving conflict
  • Giving feedback and coaching others
  • Expanded network of support and contribution
  • Being known as people who are committed, in action, and reliable
  • Intentionally creating effective business relationships
  • Managing conversations with others to keep projects moving forward
  • Communicating commitments effectively to inspire others
  • Having conversations with others that empower them and follow with specific actions
  • Creating clarity and alignment with others
  • Inspiring teamwork and leading by example
  • And much, much more…

This program may combine assessment, high impact experiential learning sessions, to transform the participant’s ability to manage for unprecedented results as an individual and a team leader.


Breakthrough Projects and High-Performance Teams

Participating teams are coached to design and succeed in a breakthrough project that supports the corporate vision and critical specific and measurable results — to go way beyond the past. High impact experiential learning sessions, executive coaching, and consulting to transform what is possible for your teams, so they cause extraordinary business results that will astound.

Transforming the way team members create, communicate, align, and manage commitments and breakdowns is the key to achieving breakthrough results. Based on 12 major and other minor aspects of highly effective teams, teams will self evaluate and be coached to be highly effective in achieving a specific measurable result with predictability.

Benefits include:

  • Having a team that is committed to and focused on specific measurable results that would be a breakthrough for the team and the company
  • Being trained individually and as a team in each of the key areas that are proven to create high performance teams.
  • Taking on the beliefs and commitments that support team success
  • Making decisions quickly and executing with the full support of the team
  • Dealing effectively with breakdowns in communication and performance
  • Resolving the issues that have dragged the team down and limited performance in the past
  • Managing promises and actions to dramatically increase predictability of results
  • Having highly effective meetings
  • Cutting through dishonesty and hidden agendas and bringing honest straight talk to the team
  • Building trust
  • Creating a team culture that supports effectiveness and a new passion for work
  • Making effective use of available resources
  • And much, much, more…

Entrepreneurial Management Program

The Entrepreneurial Management Program is for experienced or new entrepreneurs that are committed to creating, growing or redirecting business ventures and for entrepreneurs looking to shift their role in the business.

This program is designed to cause the realization of a vision and specific results through strategy, planning, execution, building and leading teams.  Participants experience direct coaching and follow through with committed actions.

Participants will:

  • Align personal and professional vision with business purpose
  • Commit to the fulfillment of a bold and compelling vision
  • Develop strategic and operational plans to support the vision
  • Set specific goals and manage activities to accomplish specific results
  • Create and manage projects that support their vision: marketing, sales, operations, financial, team, legal, life balance, etc.
  • Communicate powerfully to inspire team results and cause sales
  • Negotiate more effectively
  • Use breakdowns and mishaps as opportunities for growth
  • Experience entrepreneurship as an opportunity for freedom, passion and satisfaction 
  • And much more…

This program may be customized for each client, and may combine high impact experiential learning sessions, executive and team coaching, and consulting to transform the participant’s ability to manage for unprecedented results and satisfaction.

Other Services Include:

  • Leadership, Team, Sales & Cultural Assessments
  • Strategy Development and Implementation Facilitation
  • Culture Shift to Foster Communication Accountability & Results
  • High Performance Team Assessment and Development
  • Breakthrough Project Design and Management
  • Strategic Alliance Optimization and Post Merger Integration
  • Turnaround Management
  • Conflict Resolution and Creative Conflict Utilization
  • Organizational Assessment & Design
  • Organizational and Management Due Diligence
  • Executive Leadership and Results Coaching
  • Creating a Values Based Organization
  • Culture Optimization (sm) and Alignment
  • Internal and External Communication Consulting
  • Sales Effectiveness Training and Coaching
  • Customer Service that Delights
  • Employee Experience that Attracts and Retains
  • International Projects