The Art of Delegation

The following appeared in the Monthly Newsletter of Kaplan Virtual Education - September 2009.  (KVE was Division of Kaplan Education, a subsidiary of the Washington Post and later sold to K12, Inc.) The Art of Delegation   -  from an interview with Matthew Levy, CEO, Results Management Group For the past six months, Matthew has worked closely with KVE management, guiding employees as individuals and teams toward greater vision, clarity, alignment, collaboration, and committed action. In the following article, he shares his insight on how to effectively communicate requests and promises in order to achieve better results. Do you ever not [...]

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Creating a Performance Culture with Effective Requests and Promises

In business as in life, we can experience much disappointment when we don’t achieve the results we seek. It is easy for us to blame others for not doing what we want them to do. What is more difficult is to be responsible for the conversations in which we attempt to ask for what we want. Much of the time, our unfulfilled expectations are a result of the way we manage requests and promises. It is in those conversations that we have the opportunity to enhance the likelihood of getting the results we are committed to, and to transform the [...]

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